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Created 3-Apr-22
25 photos

Ash Meadows NWR Photography by James Marvin Phelps
Amargosa Valley
Nye County
Sunrise ReflectionSerenityReflectionsSunrise HuesBig SkySunrise SilhouetteTuesday ReflectionSpring ReflectionPoint of RocksSunrise Silhouette IILongstreet CabinOld BarnOld Barn IIOld Barn Wood DetailOld Barn Metal Roof DetailAsh Meadows SunrayAsh Meadows SunrayAsh Meadows SunrayBig Bovine of the DesertCrystal Reservoir

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Keywords:Amargosa Valley, Ash Meadows, Ash Meadows NWR, Clouds, Crystal Reservoir, James Marvin Phelps Photography, Landscape, Nevada, Nye County, Reflection, Sunrise, Sunrise Color, Water